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Segment / Tunnel Concrete Rings Connection Bolts

Tunnel bolt’s make transportation through undersea and underground tunnels possible by holding together the numerous metal beams and posts, which make up the tunnel’s frame. In short, this bolt is among the most vital, if not the most vital component for maintaining the entire tunnel’s structural integrity.

A tunnel bolt is classified under the type of bolts known as structural bolts, they can be produced in various grades, sizes, and load capacities, depending on their intended use. These structural bolts also come with uniform hexagonal heads to fit all types of wrenches, whether manual or automatic, box ended or open ended.

Surecon is capable of manufacturing Tunnel bolts with the following specs
Size / Diameter M 20, M 24, M 27 & M 30
Length upto 500 mm long
Material Mild Steel (4.6,5.6 grade), High Tensile (8.8 grade), Stainless Steel (304, 316 grade)
Coating Zinc Galvanised, Hot dip galvanized, Dacromate coating, etc.
Customised Surecon can also manufacture bolts as per customers requirements / drawings

Applied Bolting

Direct tension indicating (DTI) washers for correct bolt installation.

Köco Stud Welding

High safety using cross-sectional joints and high productivity.

Hex Bolts

Hex bolts for all engineering purposes including railways and airpots.

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